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  • A definition file of the "smileys" (emoticons) here
  • Installation files of QuickTime ®Apple : here (4,8 MB) and there (493 KB)


  • A set of PHP scripts for analysing your Apache 'error.log' (also uses 'access.log') in search of attacks like CodeRed Worm or script kiddies threatening IIS. The last phase sends complaint emails to the persons found in the whois record of the attacking/infected domain. Needs the building of a mySQL database on the server. Documented source. Bêta version given with no warranty (12 KB).
  • Norton Anti-Virus puts in Quarantine infected files and it may be that you've the "get out this of quarantine" function deactivated... No panicking ! This tool (216 KB) is there and will recover your files.


  • survServeur.php, a generic script to analyze a running MySql server. survserveur.php (18 Ko)
  • vgrDB.php, a generic PHP script for manipulating OCI8 & MySql. vgrDB.zip (14 KB)
  • gestDB.php, a generic PHP script for handling a MySql database. gestDB.php (16 KB)
  • Send by email or HTTP the current IP address of a Windows machine. GetIPsend (193 KB)
  • You need to interrogate at fixed times (during the night for instance) web pages, for instance to update files or a database while your users do sleep ? No worries, this Robot Ouaibe (196 KB) will do it for you ; it will also relaunch your connection if necessary (it won't disconnect by itself) and then will launch your HTTP queries at each specified time. Textfile configured.
  • You host at home a web server on a DSL or cable line with a dynamic IP ? (suggestion : use hébergement-dynamique.com) or fixed IP ? And your line sometimes gets down and you must relaunch all softwares manually ? It's over, I did a "watcher-relauncher" (194 KB) which will maintain your webserver up and ready. Textfile configured.
  • You search the "classname" of an application and WinSight or Spy++ do not work ? No panicking, here's a 32 bits tool (155 KB).
  • a PHP script for generating cross-references of PHP sources in a directory and subdirectories. version 1 without any warranty (4 KB)
  • list of character codes of HTML here (49 KB)
  • Cygnus Editor (free hexadecimal editor) here (399 KB)
  • HTTP 1.1 RFChere (423 KB)
  • the Process Viewer here (41 KB)
  • if you have a Windows Server
  • BiosInfo, little DOS executable which explores your BIOS (date, version, etc) here (146 KB)
  • PuTTy, a SSH/telnet client very convenient here (217 KB)
  • SiSoft Sandra 2000, system diagnosis and benchmarking tool here (2,4 MB)
  • DU Meter, a very useful tool : looks the I/O throughput of your network connection here (397 KB)
  • ispeeddwd.exe (506 KB)
  • SocksCap v2 (Socks 4&5 client for Windows) here (995 KB)
  • FTP Expert, FTP client here (879 KB)
  • EasyMTU to compute the optimal MTU for your TCP/IP network (almost useless in NT/2K) here (358 KB)
  • AntiNuke, little protection against the most basic attack ; may be useful for a Windows server here (10 KB)


  • You want to host at home an auto-handled Stars! game ? (reception and sending of turns, overseeing, automatic generation possible, sending of emails to the players) See StarsHost 1.3 (349 KB). Textfile configured. Requires Windows 32bits (95, 98, NT4, Win2K) and preferably with a web server having a PHP module (typically Apache).now has sounds
  • A map tracer using the .PLA (planets) and .FLE (fleets) files exported each turn ; convex envelope tracing ; possibility to have the names of the planets on map etc Here is Stars! Map 1.2 (204 KB).now with a correct convex envelope
  • For a better follow-up of your data collected from turn to turn and to monitor your performance, here is on the basis of the .PLA and .FLE files an eXcel macro (VBA) very useful : Stars! Follow-up Sheet (106 KB).
  • Lastly, mention this discussion forum dedicated to games ; for the time being, for Diplomacy (tm), its Stars! version is under work... the DiploForum.


  • You have digital photographs unsorted and would like to sort them ? Name them intelligently and this tool is for you ! Free Version 1 , limited to a mono-criterion sort and a basic layout album. Generates thumbnails and the HTML code that enables you to give afterwards your album with a simple mouse click on the Net, by email or with WinZip or on CD-R. PhotosParser v. 1.00 (275 KB). The "PhotosAlbum" version, a lot more powerful, is in the site's menu, on the left of the screen.