Lan Wan Backup - Demonstration


(in French here, the System Locale dicting the language used by default)

Initial Configuration

Change Language on-the-fly

All interface elements and messages are now in English.

Delete backup Lines

Backup Lines were deleted with correct warning message and filepath.

Add a Windows Networking backup Line

Default screen shows up :

Enter the LAN-mounted machine name to access, and user name and password ; don't check "FTP" as this is a WinNet access mode.
Enter the filepath to the directory to backup : network share mounting point to establish on the remote server and sub-path directories, and then enter the extended mask for candidate file selecting. Here : *.xls

Configuration resulting from the above operations :

Add a WAN (FTP) backup Line

Enter FTP server name, check "FTP" box, enter login and password.

Enter the directory (relative or absolute unix filepath) and the extended mask to select candidate files (like ht*.* or ht*.conf*) :

Configuration resulting from the above operations :

Launch Now!

See Logfile

No errors, so let's see the logfile...

As you can see, the program did examine 34 files found on the (established by it) network share, and 6 files on the (remote) FTP server.


The results from this demo session are the first line in the "Destination" directory specified :
incremental 3-06-2003 11-29-10_0Ko
As you can see, it is empty (0Ko = 0KB) which is coherent with the logfile extract : no files were modified since the last backup date & time, so nothing was backed up in this incremental backup.

I expanded an other backup result to show the way the files are organized. This structure allows for a very easy recovery ; due to this easyness, I haven't even built a restoration function.

End of Demonstration